Neila Sakka

Category Manager, Research and Development

With a master’s degree in Nutrition, Neila quickly began working in food research. She experimented with and improved several recipes for a company specialized in manufacturing pizza, among others. She made her way from dough to dough, from pizza to pot pies, and joined St-Hubert’s Research and Development department in 2016.

She was first given a tour of the production plant when she joined St-Hubert as project manager. Although she had already worked in a factory, she was amazed by the size and layout of the facility which gave her the impression she was visiting several factories in one spot. Everything was so thoroughly divided and coordinated that she quickly grasped that this was the type of specialty work that made St-Hubert so successful. How wonderful it would be to work here!

Teamwork Above All

Her work isn’t mundane. The one who is quickly nicknamed the dough specialist – for her extensive work reformulating our famous chicken pot pie crust – finds motivation in daily challenges. Despite the factory being properly divided into specialties, mutual aid, support, teamwork, and especially the members’ attention make her work all the more pleasant. In fact, in 2021, that teamwork helped successfully introduce four vegetable pot pie flavours to grocery stores. A first for St-Hubert and a huge source of pride for Neila.

Dough and Cake Specialist

In her spare time, this coleslaw enthusiast gets creative by making sculpted pastries and meticulously decorated cakes that represent characters or objects to please her loved ones. If she lacks inspiration for her cakes, she calls St-Hubert and orders the delicious, albeit seasonal, maple leaf cookie cake for a guaranteed dose of comforting sweetness. When asked which dish she would like to see on the St-Hubert menu, she leaves us hanging, simply saying: “We are developing several new products that will be truly interesting.” Stay tuned!