Pascale Lefebvre

Business partner, supply chain

Did you know you can enjoy your St-Hubert meal without question thanks to Pascale and her team? Indeed, Pascale works in the Replenishment department which ensures that your rotisseries have everything they need to bring happiness to your plate!

The replenishment sector is often left out in the cold but is essential to properly operate a business such as St-Hubert. Your plates would be rather empty without this team. In 2013, after gaining experience in pharmaceuticals and telecommunications, Pascale decided to take the summer off to be with her children. After her break, and since replenishment could apply to almost anything, she realized that she could offer her services to an array of businesses. A few days later, she found a job at St-Hubert and decided to take on the challenge! She started as Demand and Replenishment Management Analyst for rotisseries. In her line of work, Pascale needs to be involved in everything and stay abreast of menu changes, promotions, and testing of new dishes to adjust the replenishment accordingly. Imagine a highly alluring promotion without all the ingredients to make it happen! Unthinkable.

Travel Passion

Passionate about family travel, she has visited Disney, New York, Paris, London, and Italy to name only a few. And traveling is still on the program for the coming years! While she waits for her next overseas trips, she likes to explore Quebec in an RV to go hiking and practice other outdoor activities!

Pascale, Organized like a Club Sandwich

Pascale, if you had to choose a St-Hubert dish that represents you, what would it be? “A club sandwich, because it’s rather traditional, just like me. And given the many ingredients that make it, the assembly must be neatly organized and held together to provide excellent result!”