Rachel Pelletier Viau

Director, Customer Service Centre

In 2006, Rachel said goodbye to her parents and flew to freedom! Ring any bells? Well, like anyone who has left the family nest, she was looking for a small job before she could find her true calling – and ended up at the St-Hubert call centre. But life has unexpected turns! The current Director of the Customer Service Centre who will begin her 16th year at St-Hubert in 2021 had no idea her gig would turn into a calling.

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St-Hubert the Matchmaker

Having always celebrated her childhood birthdays at St-Hubert, she remembers that the rotisserie was a family tradition. Rachel remembers yellow St-Hubert boxes being delivered to her home when her parents worked late or eating out with her grandparents and watching the western doors flip open between the kitchen and the dining room as she sat comfortably at a banquette. St-Hubert is also where Rachel met the love of her life 14 years ago. She said YES to Patrick in 2021 and started their family! And for those who are wondering, yes, there was a St-Hubert themed table at the wedding!


The Intense Traditional

When asked “Which St-Hubert dish represents you the best?” Rachel describes herself as being rather traditional, yet fierce and intense, just like the Piri Piri chicken leg meal. And it makes perfect sense because although traditionally spit roasted, this comforting St-Hubert piece of chicken is covered with generous, spicy, and exotic Piri Piri sauce with sunny Portuguese flavours. Add her favourite dessert: the Volcano, a sweet classic with a twist and you’ve got a perfect meal!