Robert Boucher

Regional Sales Manager

You are probably familiar with St-Hubert grocery store products. Did you know that St-Hubert is also responsible for distributing other favourite products across Canada? Indeed, we distribute several brands including Montana and Swiss Chalet to grocery stores in Ontario, Western Canada, and the Maritimes. We owe much of our success to sales representatives and their regional manager who now oversees Ontario and Western Canada: Robert Boucher.

Robert started as Ontario Sales Manager on January 12, 2015. His mandate was to promote our products and introduce them to a younger audience. To do so, he showed creativity and audacity, even going so far as to build a massive product display worth about $40,000 inside the Ottawa YIG Moncion grocery store! Phew! That’s a lot of chicken pot pies, ribs, coleslaw, etc.

From Clerk to Manager

Robert’s love of the food retail industry began at a very young age. This grocery pro began his career at age 14, collecting carts at his local supermarket before becoming a clerk. He then distributed the famous Vachon products for 14 years and then oversaw management at Krispy Kernels for which he increased sales and profits. Working on the ground and experiencing his clients’ challenges and successes is what motivates him. He is also highly proud of his team who went from four to twelve representatives between 2015 and 2021, thus ensuring the strength of our sales force.

A Dream Overseas

While he dreams of one day selling St-Hubert products overseas, Robert likes to enjoy a delicious St-Hubert Hot-Chicken with a side of fries and creamy coleslaw. He also loves St-Hubert’s sugar pie, but whether he prefers to get it from supermarkets or rotisseries remains a secret.