Stéphan Marcil

Financial Analyst

Stephan is not yet forty and already has 20 years of service at St-Hubert! A young(er) Stephan started his professional career at the age of 16 at the Sherbrooke rotisserie. He still remembers his first day. He received a call at 4 pm informing him he was hired and that he would be starting in… one hour! Despite being caught in a traffic jam near the rotisserie, the motivated employee got out of the car and walked the rest of the way so he would be on time. Once there, he realized that this insane traffic was due to his new workplace’s popularity. He had his work cut out for him!

At 16, Stephan didn’t have much work experience, but was determined to acquire it and was looking for a company that provided its employees with training. Years went by and, while continuing his administration studies, he tried out various positions such as cook, roaster, shift manager, and manager, within only 3 years.

Starting Over 200 km from Home


After graduating from college in 2009, the rest of his career had yet to be drawn. Was it the end of his St-Hubert journey? Of course not! But he knew that to keep working for the famous rooster crest and do so in his new area of expertise, he had to move on. So, he decided to apply for a junior financial analyst position at the St-Hubert head office in Laval, nearly 200 km from where he had lived his entire life. A few weeks later, new job in hand, he left his hometown, friends, and family and jumped with both feet in this new challenge!

There’s Always Room for More at the Table!

Stephan and his spouse currently have a blended family to which they would like to add a beautiful new baby. This will make their table all the more crowded because thus far, their family includes 4 children, 3 dogs, 3 cats, and… 3 parrots! It would be a safe bet to say that the variety of St-Hubert dishes to share like the plentiful Economix, or the sweet-and-spicy Combo Platter will often be part of dinner.