Stéphanie Bergeron

Specialist, Business Technology Support for Restaurant Systems

For Stephanie, family is important and that’s what prompted her to join St-Hubert in 2013 as a rotisserie cashier. As she is about to become the mother of a little “chick,” she now remembers her first workday at the St-Leonard d’Aston rotisserie. It was somewhat of a dizzying day, as not only was it a popular stopover, it also happened to be Labor Day Weekend. But what made her want to stay and grow with us was the family-like atmosphere she felt.

From Cashier to Technology Specialist

Over the next few years, Stephanie went to Montreal to continue her journey. She became team leader, kitchen manager, dining room manager, and trainer for new employees. Between 2017 and 2020, she worked on the Envergo project intended to change the workstation system version. Her involvement and determination helped her get promoted to the position of specialist, business technology support for restaurant systems in 2020. An upward career that hasn’t always been easy, and which makes her proud and inspires everyone to give the best of themselves and have faith in opportunities.

Comfort Above All and Strawberry Shortcake To Go

Stephanie describes herself as a comforting person and that is what she looks for in her meals. An enthusiast of the St-Hubert poutine, topped with crispy chicken fillets and covered in BBQ and rib sauces, she easily indulges in her favourite dish. For dessert, strawberry shortcake is her selection of choice. And let’s be honest, poutine and shortcake? It couldn’t get more comforting!