Sylvie Roy

Business Partner, Logistic

Sylvie finished her studies in 1987 and applied for a sales secretary position with Meilleures Marques who, about 20 years later, would be incorporated into St-Hubert’s Retail division. Without ever thinking she would work for the same company for 35 years, Sylvie was assigned to several key positions that allowed her to be involved in St-Hubert’s computer shift and digital progress.

Background information. In 1987, St-Hubert is a client of Meilleures Marques who is responsible for distributing its products to grocery stores. The family atmosphere at that time truly appealed to Sylvie. Through her skills and great adaptability, Sylvie made her way in the company and soon became responsible for several sales-related tasks as a coordinator. Whether for new product presentations or sales reports, Sylvie liaised with the company representatives to increase profits. In 1998, she was offered a brand new and novel department: information technology. Alone in this new division, she did her best to understand the new technologies at the time and quickly became an expert.

High-Speed Journey

When incorporating Meilleures Marques to St-Hubert and creating the Retail division in 2006, everything pointed to Sylvie being in charge of implementing software to meet the needs of this new company. Not an easy task. But Sylvie stayed the course and succeeded. Three years later, she officially joined the IT department as SAP Software Analyst. From then on, any new updates or software changes have gone through Sylvie.

Codes and Wires

When she isn’t buried in software, figures, and coding, she is mostly interested in humans. And that’s why she has been coaching a soccer team for the past ten years in her spare time. In her opinion, being witness to these young sportswomen’s progress, and who are still as passionate about their sport after ten years, is simply wonderful. We can also bet that several tournaments and meetings ended with a visit to St-Hubert over the years. What better way to celebrate a victory than enjoy rotisserie chicken spit-roasted for three hours, or a refreshing Bangkok salad on hot summer days, followed with a glorious maple dessert?