Yvon Desmarais

Supervisor – IT

Yvon describes himself as a St-Hubert quarter chicken, a classic! And it’s accurate! This employee with 47 years of experience at St-Hubert started on July 30th , 1974,  as an assistant cook.

A Mischievous Manager

Right from the start, Yvon knew how to be versatile in rotisseries. This 15-year-old teenager, considered mischievous by his teachers, learned quickly and got into everything. He quickly became a kitchen management assistant and at age 20 in 1979, he became manager. Not bad for a little rascal. For about 30 years, he was manager of 7 rotisseries in which he shared his knowledge, experience, and expertise with his employees, including a few teenagers who, like him, were a little mischievous but wanted to learn and get into everything. You just never know…

From Rotisseries to Technology

In 2003, Yvon decided to end his rotisserie career to join the Information Technology department at the St-Hubert Head Office, where he still works to this day. He is proud to supervise operations and provide the support rotisserie managers need in their daily operations. His rotisserie knowledge makes him the best man for the job!

Sports and Comfort

ÀWhen he’s not at the office, Yvon likes the outdoors. He snowshoes in the winter, rides his bike in the summer, and enjoys our delicious apple delight in the fall! Whoever said you needed to go apple picking to enjoy the apple season? He also likes dinners with family and friends, in any season. In fact, what’s for dinner? If you let Yvon choose, chicken will be the star, preferably the leg, and will be covered in Piri-Piri sauce to give it a little spicy and surprising kick.