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St-Hubert is a leading player in the Canadian and Quebec agri-food retail industry, with over 300 products sold in grocery stores. Our factories are specialized in the production of refrigerated, frozen, and dehydrated products.

As our team is in full expansion, we are currently looking for factory workers in our Boisbriand and Blainville facilities to participate in and support our supply chain. 

Overview of available jobs


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St-Hubert is looking for motivated individuals who would like to join our production or warehouse sanitation and handling teams. Several shifts are available (day, evening, night), both part-time and full-time.


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Capacity to lift loads and frequently bend over

Capacity to work standing up for several consecutive hours

Manual dexterity

Ability to work quickly

Capacity to work in a 4 °C refrigerated environment

Basic knowledge of the French language

Manually feed the machines

Work on the production line

Prepare and package food products

Control product quality

Carry out handling and palletizing tasks



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To ensure cleanliness and the safety of all employees, factory workers are required to wear a complete uniform provided by the company during work hours: boots, smock, ear muffs, gloves, face cover, and visor.

Boisbriand factory: 1755 boulevard Lionel Bertrand, Boisbriand, J7H 1N8
A 3-minute car drive from the Grande Allée and boulevard du Faubourg crossing, next to the intersection of Highway 15 and Highway 640.
Accessible via the bus network, lines 51 and 52.
Blainville factory: 860 boulevard Michèle Bohec, Blainville, J7C 5E2
A 2-minute car drive from Highway 15.

1. Put on the required uniform
2. Head to your assigned workspace
3. Various tasks: feed the required food onto the production line, place the products on trolleys and take them from one area to another, control the weight and the visual quality of the products to ensure they meet quality standards
4.Transfer products, use forklifts and scanners
5. 15-minute break and 30-minute meal break in our fully equipped dining room.

  • Work standing up for several hours
• Bend over regularly and lift loads
• Be a fast worker with good manual dexterity
• Wear a complete uniform/equipment

The Boisbriand factory produces refrigerated products, such as salads. The work environment is set to 4 °C in order to keep the products fresh. It is necessary to wear special uniforms for the entire duration of your shift in order to stay warm. St-Hubert provides employees with the necessary boots, smocks, face covers, visors, and gloves.
The Blainville factory produces dehydrated products and is set to ambient temperature. St-Hubert provides employees with uniforms to ensure cleanliness and the safety of workers.

Here are the starting salaries for our main factory positions:
Worker and handler: $19.28
Equipment operator: $20.35
Sanitation specialist: $22.92
Forklift operator: $22.95
Lift truck operator: $22.70
For all positions, we offer a $1 premium for evening shifts and $1.50 for night shifts.