Our mission is to cultivate the restaurant industry of tomorrow, one employee at a time. From day one, trainers accompany new employees and provide them with complete onboarding training. We also offer ongoing training and online training tools in every division of our company, from our rotisseries’ kitchens to our administrative offices.


Continuous adapted training programme

At St-Hubert, we support our employees from their first day on the job. We call upon a team of experienced and passionate trainers to facilitate their integration and equip them with the tools they will need to perform their duties such as online training. The opportunities for advancement grow through continuous adapted training!

St-Hubert University

St-Hubert University ensures that our strict quality standards are continually passed on to all network managers, from the rotisseries to the production plant. Recognized as an industry leader, it helps employees build their skill sets throughout their careers.

Restaurant opening Trainer

St-Hubert’s many training programs provide all kinds of career opportunities. Be it to progress in one’s career within a rotisserie (promotion from an employee to a manager, for example), travel, or open stores as a trainer, the possibilities are plentiful. Come discover all the opportunities that await you!