Winter Meal Ideas

Simply, a comforting winter!

You certainly feel it too. The air cools, small chills mark the change of season, your body seems to once again be calling for a source of energy other than the sun which is weakening day by day.

These needs for comfort that come back every year, they affect everyone. Fortunately, all off the tasty St-Hubert products are there to accompany you every day!

Let us remind you of some seasonal opportunities to enjoy our simply comforting winter essentials.


Comfort to share : Looking good, pot pies!

With the family, they are unanimous! Imagine a somewhat gray end to the week where you come home feeling a little tired, but above all, without much desire to cook.

Easily put a St-Hubert Chicken Pot Pie in the oven and quickly, the whole family will be satisfied! And everyone loves our pot pie filled with a blend of tasty pieces of chicken breast, green peas and carrots in a creamy béchamel sauce. And for variety, you have the choice between a whole range of delicious St-Hubert pot pies and quiches, all prepared with quality ingredients.

tasty tip
When you entertain family or friends on larger occasions, spread out pretty plates or serving boards on the table, each with a chicken pot pie, a tourtière and a St-Hubert chicken and broccoli gratin. Suddenly, the table will become festive and will have a comforting touch on your guests!

Comfort that warms you up : Soups on!

After returning from a nice walk to fill your lungs with a breath of fresh air or a comforting snack is essential. Instantly warm bodies and souls with the fabulous St-Hubert Chicken Noodle Soup. A classic!

You can also opt for our cream of chicken and our onion soup with red wine, which are very popular among all the soup flavors offered. Real essentials to keep in the pantry for every time you’re looking for a little comfort.

tasty tip
Want to experience a Parisian-style moment? Add a crouton covered with grated Gruyère cheese to our onion soup and melt it. The scent of beef, spices and red wine that will invade the kitchen will certainly take you on a journey.

Comfort that changes everything: The secret is in our sauces

Is there anything more St-Hubert than St-Hubert BBQ sauce? We are talking here about embodied comfort, it is well known! The best part is that since it is available in grocery stores, you can easily enhance your dishes at any time, thanks to the unique and incomparable taste of Quebec's favorite rotisserie! Give your poultry (or anything that makes you happy) “oomph” in no time!

In fact, to enhance your dishes in the blink of an eye, nothing could be easier and quicker then with the help of each of our 20 flavors of sauces, including the popular Turkey, Roast Beef and Pepper Gravy. It’s up to you to vary and always serve comfort!

tasty tip
For fans of cooking using a slow cooker, add a packet of St-Hubert BBQ sauce and a little water to your whole chicken and enjoy!

Comfort that just feels good : No need to have been good (Naughty or nice!)

There is always time for a dose of comfort by awakening positive emotions and delectable memories. Make the people around you smile by offering them a treat with a delicious slice of St-Hubert sugar pie. This is a versatile dessert that pleases every time and adds a slightly decadent touch to any table.

Inherited from our gourmet heritage, like many St-Hubert desserts, this succulent pie perfectly complements a meal. But you will have guessed that it can also just be used to treat yourself!

tasty tip
Place it in the oven for a few minutes before serving; a gentle heat will melt its filling… and hearts!

Simply comforting

St-Hubert is your best companion for your winter meals, thanks to its unique range of tasty grocery products.

Not only do they offer comfort, they are effortless to prepare.

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