Group Menu

Enjoy a meal together at St-Hubert!

Spending time together is what counts! Make your life easier and try our group menu specially designed for 8 to 20 people, available in our dining rooms.

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When you order from our group menu for 8–20 people, each guest will enjoy pre-selected appetizers to share, a choice of main dish, and a choice of dessert for the unbeatable price of $35 + tax per person. It’s the perfect way to simplify your celebrations!


Catching up over appetizers is always a treat. Get the party started with our La Sauvagine Fondant melted cheese, Caesar Salad, Fried Calamari and Loaded Nachos.

Client recevant son repas au service à l'auto St-Hubert

Main courses

Everyone’s got their favourite. Each guest can choose from our selection of dishes: rotisserie chicken, ribs, meal salad, the St-Burger, Chicken Parmigiana, or St-Hub Bowl.

Client recevant son repas au service à l'auto St-Hubert


Each guest can pick one of our three famous desserts: Millefeuille, Mont-Choco, and Sugar Pie. Tough choice!