St-Hubert’s Classics

St-Hubert’s Classics have upheld our rotisseries’ reputation since 1951. Our top-quality roasted chicken slowly spit-roasted for three hours, generous ribs, creamy or traditional coleslaw, and famous BBQ sauce—our classics are timeless.

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St-Hubert BBQ sauce

The secret behind St-Hubert’s BBQ sauce has been closely guarded since 1951. Our customers’ favourite indulgence is dipping their chicken and fries in this sauce, one of our famous classics. Sometimes we even catch them taking a quick sip!

St-Hubert rotisserie chicken

Juicy, generous, and always roasted to perfection, our rotisserie chicken is the masterpiece of our knowledgeable and passionate roasters. We only use locally sourced, superior-quality chicken, spit-roasted for three hours.

St-Hubert coleslaw

Creamy or traditional? A question as famous as our coleslaw. Our unlimited coleslaw is at the heart of the St-Hubert experience.