Our decadent desserts

St-Hubert is famous for its decadent desserts! Top off your meal by succumbing to one of our signature desserts, such as the Sugar Pie or Millefeuille, or try our Chocolats Favoris Cake or seasonal desserts.


St-Hubert’s desserts

The Chocolats Favoris Cake

Enjoy this delicious Chocolats Favoris Cake enhanced with the St-Hubert touch to make it even more decadent and unique. This moist chocolate cake layered with salted dulce de leche cream is topped with pretzel balls and salted caramel popcorn. It is drizzled with a sugar cream sauce and chocolate coulis.

The timeless Sugar Pie

The timeless Sugar Pie has been part of St-Hubert’s history since the early 1950s. At the time, the wife of founder René Léger cooked them herself for the first customers to enjoy.

Delicious Millefeuille

The illustrious Millefeuille is also one of St-Hubert’s classic desserts. Made from a crisp puff pastry filled with pastry and Chantilly cream, it melts in the mouth—a real delight!