Our sandwiches, wraps and burgers

Served with our seasoned chicken breasts or pieces of rotisserie chicken, our original or piri-piri burgers, our timeless Club and Hot Chicken sandwiches, and the St-Hubert Wrap are still as popular as ever with our customers.


The incomparable St-Burger

Our iconic St-Burger offers you a 5-ounce chicken breast coated with buttermilk breading reminiscent of the spicy flavours of the southern United States. Topped with an inspired lettuce mix and famous St-Hubert coleslaw, this breast is placed on a soft brioche bun. Try it in the piri-piri version for even more spice!

Our other signature sandwiches

In the mood for a different kind of sandwich? Whether you’re looking for a convenient takeout meal or want to rediscover the St-Hubert classics, try one of our chicken wraps, Swiss Cheese and Bacon, classic Club or traditional Hot Chicken sandwiches!