Our Alcohols

Have a drink at St-Hubert

Each restaurant has its own custom wine menu with bottles from the Cellier Must-Try Selection, the beers offered are selected from the best microbreweries across Quebec, and our signature cocktails are inspired by the classics with our own special twist (why not try a Romeo’s Tonic to start the evening off on the right foot?).


Our authentic craft beers

Our beer selection will appeal to any hops fan. It features classic world-renowned brands as well as craft beers specially selected by your local rotisserie.

Our customized wine selection

Discover our ever-evolving range of Cellier wines recommended by our restaurant teams and tailored to suit your tastes. The selection comes from the SAQ’s Cellier Must-Try Selection*.

*Only available in Quebec.

Our local cocktails and spirits

Unique cocktails with the St-Hubert touch made from local spirits or alcohols! St-Hubert knows how to enhance your happy hour meals!