St-Hubert Restaurant and Bar

Have a burning desire for some BBQ chicken? Time to visit the Ste-Thérèse St-Hubert restaurant! Keep in mind that we offer much more than the classic rotisserie menu. The Ardoise features our chefs’ inspirations and culinary creations as well as several gluten-free options. We have something for everyone!

We are pleased to welcome you back to the restaurant! Please note that reservations are required for the dining room. See our COVID-19 page for more details.



Our Address

1785 3e Avenue.
Val-d'Or, QC.
A1A 1A1





Opening Hours

Monday 11h00 22h00
Tuesday 11h00 22h00
Wednesday 11h00 22h00
Thursday 11h00 23h00
Friday 11h00 23h00
Saturday 11h00 23h00
Sunday 11h00 22h00








The Franchisees



Chartered accountant by profession, he has developed a real passion for the restaurant industry. As a dedicated and active entrepreneur, he is always on the lookout for innovations and knows how to sniff out good deals. He became restaurateur in 1985 and joined the great St-Hubert family. Franchised since 1997 and co-owner of six rotisseries, he works at conveying St-Hubert values and does his absolute best to ensure his establishments’ prosperity.




Restaurateur since 1985, he officially became a St-Hubert franchisee in 2000 with the St-Jérôme rotisserie. He was then responsible for coordinating construction, expansion, and renovation projects for St-Hubert rotisseries that belonged to Groupe Vachon. Today, he is working at improving operations and customer experience for the group’s restaurants. To do so, he relies on technological innovation, modernization, and organization in both the kitchen and dining room. An entrepreneur who is always ready to meet challenges.