Positions at the food manufacturing

Adapted positions at the food manufacturing plant

In support of the Fondation Autiste & majeur's mission to improve the quality of life and social integration of young autistic adults, St-Hubert offers adapted jobs at its Boisbriand plant. Positions are adapted through an approach that includes autistic employees who are living with challenges in communication, sensory needs, social skills and behaviours. Our individualized and adapted approach gives them direct support, with both their tasks and their work skills at the plant.

Autisme Laurentides supervises the work. A specialist provides one-on-one coaching and personal assistance to every autistic employee on site to help them do their job well. For example, step-by-step visual tools are used to help them perform their work or learn their work routines.

To date, 10 autistic employees have joined the team as day labourers. Their discipline and attention to detail are exemplary, and their pace improves every day! 

About the Fondation autisme Laurentides

Autisme Laurentides is an advocacy, self-help and mutual aid organization dedicated to defending the rights and interests of people with autism (ASD*) or other pervasive development disorders and their families. Its purpose is to develop and/or encourage the development of respite and recreation services for these persons.

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