Partnership with Fondation Autiste et majeur

As Fondation Autiste et majeur was officially launched, the St-Hubert Foundation committed to donating $1 million to the cause. This commitment will take place over four years and help improve the quality of life for adults with an autism spectrum disorder. This contribution is the St-Hubert Foundation’s most important commitment to date, though it supports several charity organizations each year to foster the well-being of communities 

Watch the virtual launch of Fondation Autiste et majeur


About Fondation Autiste et majeur

With the intention of helping thousands of families who experience a situation like theirs, Sophie Prégent and Charles Lafortune launched Fondation Autiste & Majeur on October 13th. This foundation’s main goal, through the funding of relevant programs, is to improve the quality of life and social integration of young adults with an autism spectrum disorder. Programs funded by Fondation Autiste & Majeur will allow people with autism aged 21 and over to continue their education, better integrate the job market and also provide respite to families through day centres.

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