Symbol of the 70th anniversary

Symbol of the 70th

A Symbol of the Past, Focused on the Future.

St-Hubert’s Beetles

Electrifying an Emblem

To celebrate our 70th anniversary, we wanted to compare a strong symbol of St-Hubert’s past and an equally strong promise for the company’s future. So, we decided to electrify a 1967 Beetle! The task of electrifying the retro yellow Beetle was entrusted to Ingenext, a company specialized in electrifying transportation and the development of vehicle technology. The company located in Trois-Rivières relies on reusing electric vehicle components, which also promotes reuse and recycling, both important values for St-Hubert. Ingenext also changed the original Beetle 67 engine to a Chevrolet Volt battery and a Model 3 Tesla engine, a major technical challenge considering this retro model’s limited space. A touch screen was also added to the dashboard to display data and control several of the vehicle’s functions. After a thorough assessment and a report of nearly 100 pages submitted to the SAAQ, the new electrified Beetle has reached the safety levels for safe driving and will travel the Quebec roads in the fall of 2021 to mark St-Hubert’s 70th anniversary and our our commitment to carbon neutrality.

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Comfort on Your Doorstep

Hélène and René Léger founded the very first St-Hubert BBQ rotisserie on St-Hubert Street in Montreal in 1951, not knowing that their restaurant would one day become one of Quebec’s favourite chains. Through perseverance, they grew their company, becoming the first restaurant to offer free delivery in Canada in 1952. Judged by other restaurant owners who did not care for this initiative, St-Hubert clearly understood the new needs of its customers and thus became a pioneer with its delivery service. At the time, the Léger couple wanted a car that was both accessible and durable, able to keep up with this new service’s popularity. Their choice landed on the yellow Beetle which began to appear here and there. The delivery service became a staple associated with St-Hubert rotisseries and originated the legendary Quebec jingle: Dring dring dring que désirez-vous ? Pout pout pout St-Hubert Bar-B-Q!