The story of St-Hubert rotisseries is one of passion, hard work, determination, and innovation. Ever since it first opened its doors in 1951, St-Hubert’s varied chicken-based menu has been phenomenally popular. Below are the key moments that defined St-Hubert’s success.



On September 25, Hélène and René Léger make their dream a reality and open the first St-Hubert rotisserie at 6355 Saint-Hubert Street, in a rented space with second-hand equipment, big enough for 78 seats.


Free home delivery service is offered—a first in Canada! Montrealers are introduced to the fleet of yellow Beetles.


At Expo 67, our innovative work method allows us to serve a record-breaking 18,000 meals in one day! St-Hubert opens new locations and its first franchise. Locations also pop up in the Quebec City area.


St-Hubert creates the innovative St-Hub Resto-Bar, adds a children’s section, and installs terraces.


The first Express rotisserie opens to the public. Customers can enjoy a good and affordable meal, served quickly.


Jean-Pierre Léger becomes the sole owner of the Produits Alimentaires St-Hubert manufacturing plant. He creates the Retail division, which is added to the Restaurant division. Groupe St-Hubert Inc. is born.


A new generation of green packaging is launched: say goodbye to St-Hubert’s Styrofoam containers and excess packaging! After a quick rinse, our new packaging can be recycled through selective collection.


Groupe St-Hubert joins the big RECIPE family (formerly CARA).


In May, the St-Hubert Brunch menu is offered in all traditional rotisseries.

In July, our disposable straws are discontinued in all our locations.


St-Hubert has new digital platforms that customers are quickly giving two thumbs up.

St-hubert.com and the online ordering site have had a makeover—and a new mobile app is now available.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the company has also rallied its two divisions and its St-Hubert Foundation to set up the « Confort Spirit » initiative to break the isolation and help people in need.


To kick off the festivities of its 70th anniversary, St-Hubert announced the carbon neutrality of its delivery service and revealed its symbol: a newly electrified 1967 yellow beetle, that reflects St Hubert’s future-oriented legacy.

St-Hubert also answered the great philosophical question using the coleslaw index: Do Quebecers prefer “creamy” or “traditional?”

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