Alain Chabot

National Director, Major Accounts

Alain was first attracted to St-Hubert because of the brand’s strength and how it established itself in people’s daily lives over the past 70 years, both in rotisseries and grocery stores. He is responsible for overseeing business management and development for important Canadian clients. His approach is about sharing knowledge, allowing discussions within his team, and a fair dose of creativity.

The Desire to Make a Difference Beyond Sales

For this director, a company’s development is clearly measured by its sales growth and market shares but is also fueled by how strongly it is involved wherever it radiates. For Alain, what makes a company great is the good it does for communities, families, and workers! This is why he is actively involved in St-Hubert Foundation activities, whose mission is to make families smile again. Together with the Foundation, he helped spread happiness by making little 8-year-old cancer patient Arthur’s dream of going to Walt Disney with his family come true. To raise funds, Alain rode his bike up Mont Ventoux in France, which meant sustained efforts for 2 hours 15 minutes over 22 km uphill 1909 meters! Quite an achievement.

Cycling, Restaurants, and of Course… Wine!

When asked about his preferred dish, he is quick to answer: “There is nothing better than juicy, delicious rotisserie chicken” and we agree! Otherwise, when he’s not enjoying our 3-hour spit‑roasted chicken, this cycling enthusiast likes to ride the many bike paths in the Greater Montreal area. Alain is also a frequent traveler. His favourite trips are those that introduce him to new grape varieties when he visits vineyards, both in Europe and South America.