Geneviève Lagacé

Chief, strategic supply

Above all, St-Hubert reminds Geneviève of her grandparents who took the kids, cousins, uncles, and aunts out to the restaurant for family celebrations. Everlasting memories that still bring a smile to her face and which most probably influenced her decision to apply at St-Hubert in 2014. This is how the sweet-and-spicy buyer – not unlike our Bangkok salad – began her career with us.

Before joining St-Hubert, Geneviève displayed her versatility and talent in a small chain of coffee shops for about ten years. She was hardworking and involved in everything, from product research and development, to supply and special projects. In short, she gained extensive experience which made her an expert in several related areas. Dreaming of one day working for a leading restaurant chain in Quebec, Geneviève saw that St-Hubert was looking for a new buyer and seized the opportunity, thus making the decision to leave a few specialties in the dust, but to date, she has no regrets.

Strong When Faced with Challenge

Once she joined St-Hubert, she discovered the well-established structure behind the franchisee network and she was impressed. Supporting franchisees became one of her key motivations, sense of belonging, and pride of being part of a growing family. Supporting franchisees means ensuring that everyone has what they need. To date, her greatest challenge was the factory employee strike at a major St-Hubert supplier. That moment was most uncertain but quite uniting. She, her teammates, and the management team worked together so that St-Hubert could keep shining and delivering comfort and happiness to its customers. Well done!

Calorie-Free Poutine?

Although she dreams of one day seeing a healthy poutine on the menu that can be eaten guilt-free without counting calories – which we would all like – she still appreciates the current St-Hubert menu.  She enjoys the sunny Piri Piri chicken breast with its Portuguese flavours. And while she waits for the calorie-free poutine, Geneviève sometimes indulges in white cake topped with melting cream fudge sauce. After all, happiness lies in the little things (though sometimes higher in calories), doesn’t it?