Sylvie Faille

Food Safety Coordinator

Sylvie and St-Hubert’s story began in 1986 when she was a rotisserie manager. From 1986 to 1989, she managed five first-generation Express rotisseries, including the one at La Ronde which no longer exists. Thanks to her and her team’s work, Express rotisseries as we know them today came to be a few years later. She still left St-Hubert in the late 1980s for new challenges but kept thinking she would come back. And wouldn’t you know it, she did just that!

I’ll be Back!

Sylvie continued working for the Berthelet company and oversaw quality control. Seventeen years after proclaiming her Terminator-like “I’ll be back!” something unexpected occurred. Indeed, St-Hubert acquired Berthelet in 2006 and annexed other specialized companies to build its strong Retail division, which manufactures and distributes St-Hubert products to grocery stores. So, Sylvie was back under the crest as Food Safety Coordinator, where she is responsible of the HACCP system.

Thanks Grandma

For Sylvie, working at St-Hubert represents both pride and achievement which remind her of her childhood. You know, those childhood memories that remind us of how very little we were! In Sylvie’s case, it was her grandmother and great-grandmother who ordered St-Hubert whenever she visited. And it was party time!

Ingredients of Memories

If you want to make Sylvie happy, do so traditionally, just like her choice of coleslaw. Chicken breast with BBQ sauce, fries, and don’t leave out the bun! End with a Mille-feuille, a dessert that is as classic as St-Hubert, and enjoy a comforting moment of happiness that just might bring back some great memories for you as well.