Sugar Pie

Frequently Asked questions

The frozen sugar pie sold in grocery stores will look different for a while (no checkered top crust). The product is the same but will have more filling to keep the same weight. Slightly different, yet more copious and just as delicious!


Why does the St-Hubert frozen sugar pie look different than what is on packaging? 

There is currently a production issue with our sugar pie sold in grocery stores. Affixing our delicious, checkered crust on top is currently impossible. We have reviewed our production to adapt and keep providing customers with this much beloved product. 


What changes were made to the St-Hubert frozen sugar pie?

The primary change is that the pie doesn’t have a checkered crust on top. And without that crust, it allowed more room to add even more of our decadent cream fudge filling. A treat made ever-so irresistible!  

The weight of the pie remains the same at 800 grams. This dessert’s ingredients and signature taste are also the same.


Does this change affect the St-Hubert frozen sugar pie list of ingredients? 

Ingredients for the crust and filling are the same. However, as there no longer is a top crust, its frosting ingredients currently listed on the box are no longer present: sugar, corn syrup, water, pectin, gellan gum, sodium citrate, potassium sorbate, caramel colour, citric acid. 


Does this change affect the nutritional values of the St-Hubert frozen sugar pie? 

Without the top crust, the sugar pie has less fat and sodium, but slightly more sugar (5 g extra sugar per 114 g serving). 


Is the filling different from the original pie?

It is the same delicious filling customers love so much, just more of it. This sugar pie is slightly different, more copious, and just as delicious!

It can be served cold, warm, or topped with ice cream.


How do I know whether the pie I want to purchase has a top crust? 

Each “less crust, more filling” St-Hubert sugar pie packaging has a sticker to inform consumers of this small change.