St-Hubert promotes prepaid and ZERO-CONTACT delivery, when possible for the clients.

When ordering, prepay with credit or debit card  and we will make sure you get the ZERO-CONTACT delivery. 



Procedures for prepaid ZERO-CONTACT delivery orders


When delivering a prepaid ZERO-CONTACT order, the driver must :

  1. Put on disposable gloves before stepping out of the care.
  2. When the driver is in front of the door, he needs to take out the order and put it on top of the delivery bag.
  3. The driver needs to back up 2 metres and wait for the client to take his order.
  4. When the client has retrieved his order and closed the door, the driver can go get his bag.
  5. Then, he removes the gloves and disposes of them in the garbage (set up in the car).
  6. Back at the rotisserie, he must wash his hands thoroughly.
  7. The delivery bag must be cleaned properly with degreaser and AMFO.



St-Hubert can deliver to a hospital, a CHSLD or an old age home only if a contact person has agreed to meet outside of the building and that all above procedures are respected.