The Beauregard Family

The Family Next-Door: Caroline Beauregard from Drummondville-Sud and Saint-Liboire

Franchisee, Drummondville-Sud and Saint-Liboire

Behind every St-Hubert franchise lies a typical family with a history of their own. In Drummondville-Sud and Saint-Liboire, that family is Caroline Beauregard’s. As a mother of three, the franchisee started her business by making work-life balance her priority.

“Being a working mom in the restaurant industry myself, I know what it takes to hold down a busy job while having kids to care for at home. Offering hours that are tailored to my employees is one of the things I do to meet their needs."

Caroline Beauregard never imagined that she would one day become a franchisee. In 1999, when she had just returned from maternity leave, she accepted a six-month contract as an administrative assistant at St-Hubert. About twenty years later, she now owns two St-Hubert Express locations and works alongside her husband, André, her three children, and several family friends.

“I wouldn't be where I am today if my partner wasn’t so supportive of me. I am aware that not everyone has an André in their life so I try to understand and adapt to others’ reality."

As she did not come from the restaurant industry, Caroline had to ramp up to learn the ins and outs of the profession. It’s clear that she had everything to succeed. In her first year as General Manager, and even before becoming a franchisee, she won her first Coq from the Excellence Program organized by the St-Hubert Group.

From real family to adoptive family

Caroline's team is mostly made up of people who have been recommended by those around her. From her children’s friends to her friends’ children, and those who have naturally integrated into the family, several members of the team have been working with her for more than five years now. And if some of them sometimes leave, it’s usually only to come back even better.

Caroline and her boy, delivery man at St-Hubert

“When the pandemic started, I needed delivery people. So I called some former employees who all agreed to come back and help us out. These are the moments when I realize we have to do things the right way with our employees."

Knowing how to live together as a starting point

For Caroline, knowing how to find a balance between work and family also means understanding everyone's needs. This is why she is involved with Drummondville’s Tablée populaire, which feeds the most underprivileged people in the region, the Maison René-Verrier palliative care residence, the Acton Vale Volunteer Center, and several other organizations.

“Social inclusion has always been important to me and I'm always very happy when 'different' people choose us because they feel good about us. It makes me proud of my team, who knows how to be open to others."

Caroline's family will always be large enough to accommodate people with different needs. One of those family members is Fabien, a roaster helper for the past four years and a young man living with autism. Another family member is Laurence, who has an intellectual disability and who works in the dining room and helps with certain preparations in the kitchen.

How would you describe the great St-Hubert family?

“I am convinced that if I needed help tomorrow morning, I could call anyone across the network. That's what St-Hubert is all about - having your own business, but feeling like you’re never alone and that you’re always supported."

For Caroline, being there for her employees is crucial and she doesn’t hesitate to share with them values ​​and hobbies that are dear to her, such as cycling or hiking. She wants to continue to inspire her team to go further, both at work and in life. To achieve this goal, she will always go the extra mile, supported by her partner André, who fills both her rotisseries with a lot of joie de vivre