The Mallet Family

The Family Next Door: Jason Mallet From Moncton

Franchisee, Moncton

Behind every St-Hubert franchise lies a typical family with a history of their own. In Moncton, that family is Jason Mallet’s. The franchisee took over the restaurant that once belonged to his father, Fernand Mallet.

Jason started working at the Moncton rotisserie at the age of 15, but wasn’t a St-Hubert employee just yet: he was tending the lawn outside the rotisserie as part of his small landscaping business.

Taking Over the Family Business, One Meal at a Time

Fresh out of high school, Jason worked as a cook at the Moncton restaurant. He then studied hotel and restaurant management at the Atlantic Tourism & Hospitality Institute in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island’s capital. During the weekends, he worked at one of the two St-Hubert restaurants that his family owned.

After graduating in 2002, Jason supervised operations at the Bathurst and Moncton rotisseries. Five years later, he was appointed General Manager of the Moncton restaurant. Meanwhile, two projects were materializing: the Bathurst rotisserie’s closure in 2008 and the construction of the new rotisserie in Moncton. “I had two years to plan the construction, hire additional staff and move the Moncton rotisserie, all that at the age of 26.”

From 2009 to 2014, of all the St-Hubert franchises, the Moncton rotisserie was one of the most successful. Jason added a drive-thru and made delivery available. In January 2017, Jason’s father retired and Jason officially became a franchisee.

Rooting for His Employees

The Moncton rotisserie now counts 80 employees, half of whom have been working there for more than 5 years. Three of them have more than 25 years of experience. For Jason, there’s nothing more rewarding than watching your employees flourish whether in their personal life or at work. “We are evolving and adapting to the times by adjusting our business culture and providing a wonderful work environment for our employees. What makes me most proud is seeing the progress of my teammates and having a part in it.”

To keep his employees while also motivating them, Jason relies on flexibility and training. “What I mean by flexibility is adjusting to the employee’s lifestyle and today’s families,” he explains. Jason encourages multidisciplinary training. Therefore, employees get to try out different roles and disciplines, which also allows them to change up their work routine.

From right to left: Jason Mallet & Mathieu Landry, team leader and bartender

According to Jason, employees stay for a long time because of the advancement opportunities. “I have senior employees who started out as dishwashers and are now managers. They work their way up the ladder and realize over time that they have an exciting career and a great work-family balance. They stay with us instead of looking elsewhere.”

In Moncton, Jason is involved in his community and supports various charitable causes, such as Moncton Headstart Inc and Harvest House Atlantic Inc. He donated more than $12,000 through the St-Hubert Foundation in recent years. “We aren’t born with the same chances in life and it’s important for me to use what I have to help others have a bit more.”

How would you describe the great St-Hubert family?

For Jason, the greatest strength of the St-Hubert network is the camaraderie that brings everyone together. “This passionate feeling, only a St-Hubert employee can explain it. As I like to say, the gravy runs through our veins!”

One thing’s for sure: the gravy isn’t about to stop flowing in Moncton.