Comfort's for all

The exceptional circumstances we’re currently experiencing have pushed us to adopt exceptional measures. 
We wish to thank you all for your unwavering support. Thank you, to our loyal customers. Thank you to our suppliers, to our wonderful employees who continue to deliver comfort, and to our incredible family of franchisees.



Regulations and Services Available

Regulations per Zone

Vaccination passport

Starting September 1st, as per measures implemented by Public Health, a vaccine passport will be required to enter Quebec restaurant dining rooms. This measure also affects terraces. Each customer aged 13 and over must show their passport.

The passport must be shown using the VaxiCode app, available for free with mobile phone app providers.

When the vaccine passport is not available on the VaxiCode app, the QR code displayed on the Government of Quebec website which confirms double vaccination may be accepted as well. Please note that the piece of paper received when getting vaccinated is not accepted as a vaccine passport.

Whether with the vaccine passport or QR code from the Government of Quebec website, proof of identity will be requested and will need to match the name listed on the vaccination proof.

The vaccine passport is not required at drive-thru, takeout, and delivery.

Sanitary regulations

Depending on the zone in which your favourite rotisserie is located, certain sanitary regulations must be followed in the dining room or on the terrace, such as the number of people who can sit at the same table. Click on your zone’s link and go to the RESTAURANT section to find out more about regulations implemented by the Government of Quebec.

Green Zone: Dining rooms and terraces are open.

Yellow Zone: Dining rooms and terraces are open. 

Orange Zone: Dining rooms and terraces are open. 

Red Zone: Terraces are open, dining rooms are closed.

If you go to one of our rotisseries, it is important that you register on this website:

Services Available in All Zones

Our zero-contact delivery, drive-thru, takeout, and curbside pickup services are available in all zones whenever possible.

Click here for details about your favourite St-Hubert restaurant’s status


Available Services


  • You can order online or through the mobile app.
  • For all zones, drive-thru service, take-out counters and curbside pickup remain fully operational until 30 minutes before the beginning of curfew. Verify the curfew time of your region here.
  • Our delivery service will be available until the rotisserie closes, even after curfew.

Certain zones are transitioning to orange or to yellow: our restaurants located in these zones are reopening their dining rooms and extending their opening hours.

  • Please refer to our Restaurant Status page for details about your favourite St-Hubert restaurant’s situation.
  • If you visit one of our rotisseries, please register your presence on the following website:
  • Reservations are required for our Traditional rotisseries.
  • Proof of residence / ID will be required.
  • Per table: 2 adults + kids / other person that needs assistance.

In Red Zone: 

  • You can order online or via the mobile app for all our restaurants.
  • Drive-thru, takeout, and parking services remain up and running until 30 minutes before the beginning of curfew. Verify the curfew time of your region here.
  • Delivery remains available every night even after curfew. Exceptions may apply.